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Shop with Scrip

Scrip is fundraising made easy, no soliciting or selling. You can purchase gift cards for everyday purchasing, including groceries, gas, restaurants and more. A percentage of each gift comes back to Zion school or church.

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How It Works
Buy a gift card at school or church; or buy it online at shopwithscrip.com. The rebate on the gift card immediately goes to funding Zion's initiatives (school tuition, Church Extension Fund Loan). You get the benefit of entire amount of the gift card for your everyday shopping.

There are over 750 of the most popular brands from groceries to coffee to gas and entertainment. Over 300 brands are available immediately with our eGift card products and over 100 are reloadable
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Scrip Orders can be turned into the church or school office by 3:00pm each Monday. 

Contact Information:
Madeline Bebow, Coordinator 
• Doug Bolzman, Reporting 
Heidi Douponce, Scrip Team
Brenda Goodman, Scrip Team
Dawn Jurik, Scrip Team